This page lists changes that were made in the pre-1.0 series of laser_pipeline (unstable).

0.9.0 (2010-01-10)

  • laser_filters:

    • Added unit tests
    • Added an angular bounds filter
  • laser_assembler:

    • Added unit tests
  • laser_geometry:

    • Removed deprecated TF usage
    • Fixed some internal float->double conversions that were leading to rounding errors

0.6.0 (2009-12-18)

  • laser_geometry

    • Adding support for inverted mode to laser projection 3041

    • Removed use of deprecated rosbuild macros.
  • laser_assembler

    • Removed use of deprecated rosbuild macros.

0.5.0 (2009-09-30)

  • laser_geometry:

    • deprecated laser_processor removed from package
  • laser_filters:

    • DEPRECATED: generic_laser_filter_node
    • NEW: scan_to_scan_filter_chain replaces generic_laser_filter_node
      • No longer defaults to base_link for the internal message_filter.
      • New parameter: ~tf_message_filter_target_frame optionally specifies which frame to wait for. If not specified the tf::MessageFilter is bypassed.

      • Input topic: scan

      • Output topic: scan_filtered

    • Fixes for internal usage of filters.
    • Fixed segfault for users of LaserMedianFilter

    • LaserMedianFilter deprecated and replaced by LaserArrayFilter

    • Changes in scan_to_cloud_filter_chain:
      • ~scan_topic parameter deprecated

        • Replaced by input topic: scan

      • ~cloud_topic parameter deprecated

        • Replaced by output topic: cloud_filtered

      • ~laser_max_range parameter deprecated

      • ~cloud_filters/filter_chain parameter deprecated

        • Replaced by ~cloud_filter_chain

      • ~scan_filters/filter_chain parameter deprecated

        • Replaced by ~scan_filter_chain

  • laser_assembler

    • Added periodic_snapshotter as an example client application

    • Deprecating "build_cloud". Assembler service is now "assemble_scans"

0.4.0 (2009-09-23)


  • In any launch files:
    • laser_scan_assembler_srv --> laser_scan_assembler

      • tf_tolerance_secs --> REMOVED

      • scan_in --> scan

    • point_cloud_assembler_srv --> point_cloud_assembler

      • max_scans --> max_clouds

      • tf_tolerance_secs --> REMOVED

      • cloud_in --> cloud

    • Any node USING a laser_scan_assembler or point_cloud_assembler:
      • assembler/build_cloud --> build_cloud

    • scan_to_cloud_filter_chain:
      • preservative --> REMOVED

  • In filter configuration files:
  • In C++ code:
    • projector_.transformLaserScanToPointCloud("base_link",
            cloud, *scan_in, listener_);
            *scan_in, cloud, listener_);
    • projector_.transformLaserScanToPointCloud("base_link",
            cloud, *scan_in, listener_, preservative_, mask_);
            *scan_in, cloud, listener_, channel_options_);
    • Any of the masks become channel options:
      • MASK_INTENSITY --> channel_option::Intensity


  • laser_assembler

    • Deprecated laser_scan_assembler_srv & point_cloud_assembler_srv. These are replaced by laser_scan_assembler and point_cloud_assembler, respectively.

    • Changed "max_scans" topic to "max_clouds" for the point_cloud_assembler
    • Removed "tf_tolerance_secs" param. This value is auto-computed by the laser_assembler
    • build_cloud service no longer in private namespace. ("~build_cloud" is now "build_cloud")
    • Input topic for laser_scan_assembler is now 'scan'
    • Input topic for point_cloud_assembler is now 'cloud'
  • laser_geometry:

    • The "preservative" argument to projectLaser and transformLaserScanToPointCloud have been deprecated
    • getUnitVectors(...) has been deprecated
    • The argument order to transformLaserScanToPointCloud has been changed. scan_in now precedes cloud_out
    • The MASK_* arguments have been deprecated in favor of channel_option::*
  • laser_filters:

    • scan_to_cloud_filter_chain now uses tf::MessageFilter

    • The "preservative" parameter for scan_to_cloud_filter_chain has been deprecated
    • The LaserScanFootprintFilter has been deprecated and replaced by PR2LaserScanFootprintFilter (in pr2_laser_filters package)

    • The PointCloudFootprintFilter has been deprecated and replaced by PR2PointCloudFootprintFilter (in pr2_laser_filters package)

0.3.0 (2009-09-17)

  • laser_assembler: Deprecated merge_clouds

  • laser_geometry: Deprecated laser_processor

    • This header does not appear to be used. The original code can still be found in the wg-ros-pkg/people package. Please contact Jeremy Leibs (, if you need this functionality and would like to discuss the creation of an appropriate package to hold it.

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