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Package Summary

Implements a localizing jockey for the Large Maps framework (LaMa) based on a local costmap (costmap position is relative to the sensor but orientation is absolute). Implement a localizing jockey from a LaserScan. The associated descriptors are LaserScan[] and Crossing.


The lj_costmap package is a localizing jockey for the Large Maps Framework (LaMa) that computes place dissimilarities based on a local cost map, such as those obtained from the local_map package.

The role of this jockey is to get the dissimilarity of the lama_msgs/PlaceProfile descriptors of all vertices with the current place profile. The action is done when the dissimilarities are computed. Implemented actions:

  • GET_VERTEX_DESCRIPTOR: return the PlaceProfile and the computed Crossing

  • GET_SIMILARITY: return the dissimilarity based on PlaceProfile



Interaction with the map (created by this jockey)


message type

interface default name



jockey_name + "_place_profile"



jockey_name + "_crossing"

Subscribed Topics

~<name>/local_costmap (nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid)
  • local cost map which orientation is global, cf. local_map.


~<name>/dissimilarity_server (polygon_matcher/PolygonDissimilarity)
  • used to compare all known places (as polygons) with the current place.


~<name>/costmap_interface_name (String, default: jockey_name + "_place_profile")
  • Name of the map interface for place profiles.
~<name>/crossing_interface_name (String, default: jockey_name + "_crossing")
  • Name of the map interface for crossings.
~<name>/dissimilarity_server_name (String, default: "dissimilarity_server")
  • Name of the dissimilarity server.

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