This package contains configuration files and sample code to use maxon EPOS4 Positioning Controllers with ROS1 using ros_canopen. It contains a complete tutorial on how to setup both the EPOS4 controllers and ROS1 along with ros_canopen and MoveIt! packages, with practical examples using the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and Raspberry Pi embedded computers.

Important notes

The documentation and all provided sample code has been developed on behalf of maxon motor ag. Any installation steps and code samples are intended for testing purposes only. Please adapt the code to the needs of your concrete application. Any warranty for proper functionality is excluded and has to be ensured based on tests within the concrete system environment. Take care of the wiring and safety instructions mentioned by the "Hardware Reference" of the corresponding controller! Please submit a request on maxon’s Support Center (-> http://support.maxongroup.com) in case of any questions concerning the controller’s setup, wiring, or testing.

It includes the following packages:

  • maxon_epos4_ros_canopen: for Profile Position Mode and Profile Velocity Mode with optional Homing Mode.
  • maxon_epos4_moveit_config: for Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode


Please read the PDF file located in the documentation folder for information on how to use this package: https://github.com/Roboprotos/maxon_epos4_ros1



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