0.3.10 (06/03/2011)

  • The OMPL API has changed - it now uses StateSpace as a class instead of StateManifold. This release updates ompl_ros_interface with the corresponding changes.

0.3.9 (03/15/2011)

  • fixed bug in ompl_ros_interface where incorrect index was being used inside trajectories, also now interpolating paths before sending them out
  • fixed bug sbpl: in main.cpp in planandnavigate2d function

0.3.8 (03/08/2011)

  • updated Makefile to not use hg

0.3.7 (03/08/2011)

  • removing blacklist flag for ompl_ros_interface and config and launch files that were outdated.

0.3.6 (03/07/2011)

  • changed plugin api (corresponding to kinematics-0.3.3)

0.3.5 (03/03/2011)

  • ompl_planning, ompl_ros and ompl_search have been replaced by the new ompl_ros_interface
  • new ompl package pulls a new version of ompl directly from rice-ros-pkg

0.3.4 (02/03/2011)

  • regenerated stack.xml

0.3.3 (01/27/2011)

  • Small change in chomp_motion_planner for compatibility with Eigen3


  • Small bug fixes in sbpl. A wrong compilation flag caused a file to be opened and not closed. Also, a rare bug in ARA* and AD* when the path is reconstructed when more than one successor result in the same state.
  • Fix for new location of header in python.

0.3.1 (12/28/2010)

  • ompl_search will no longer be built

0.3.0 (12/27/2010)

  • new release from trunk into unstable
  • warning - ROS api has changed slightly, C++ api's have changed a lot


  • no changes but re-release to fix issues with messed up release into unstable

0.2.7 (11/30/2010) Unstable

  • fixes for roslib changes

0.2.6 (10/25/2010)

  • Updates to sbpl
    • all exits changed to exceptions
    • integration with rosconsole through output macros
    • configureable parameters for inscribed and possibly circumscribed costs

0.2.5 (09/28/2010)

  • changed sbpl to get access to more statistics

0.2.4 (09/07/2010)

  • Makefile fix for ompl

0.2.3 (08/27/2010)

  • updated stack dependencies

0.2.2 (06/22/2010)

  • interpolated_ik_motion_planner moved into motion_planners directory
  • CHOMP is fully functional and works with both arms
    • CHOMP also configured for use as a trajectory filter
  • The ompl package will now be maintained externally by Lydia Kavraki's lab at Rice University in collaboration with Willow Garage. This is the second step in that transition. This package will pull in a tarred version of the ompl package from an external source.

0.2.1 (05/15/2010)

  • ompl now uses planning monitor for collision checking, also uses allowed contact regions, dynamic padding and allowed collision operations.
  • Changes for ompl:

    • Expose functionality for using different state/control samplers and local planners (interpolation between 2 given states)
    • Replaced the implementation of random number generation with boost/random
    • The directory structure is more flat: no more extension/ folders
    • The specification for sample-able goal regions is clearer
    • Improved Doxygen documentation and added some example code


  • Modified all planners to take new API calls for change in GetMotionPlan

  • CHOMP back up and running

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