0.3.6 (2011-03-15)

  • Incorporated this patch: 4741

0.3.5 (2011-02-03)

  • Fixing bug where joint bounds test with list of joint names failed if you specified joint name equivalents. Now those map back onto the multidof joint.

0.3.4 (02/01/2011)

  • Corrected behavior so that we will not wait if use_collision_map is false
  • We were including the last dynamic map with the static map when the parameter 'dynamic_until_static_publish' was true. This was very bad. Also publishing an empty map on reset.

0.3.3 (2011-01-27)

  • Bug fix in motion_planning_visualization to account for multi-dof joints.

0.3.2 (2011-01-25)

  • Very minor change
    • adding output for TF exception in collision_free_arm_trajectory_controller

0.3.1 (2011-01-05)

  • Moved packages from the following stacks into motion_planning_common
    • collision_environment
    • motion_planning_environment
    • motion_planning_visualization

0.3.0 (2010-12-27)

  • New release of motion_planning_common from trunk into unstable.

0.2.6 (2010-11-29)

  • Re-release for versioning issues.

0.2.5 (2010-11-290)

  • Internal fixes for changes to roslib.


  • Added world link for fix in connection with changes to urdf

0.2.3 (06/22/2010)

  • Added a visibility constraint (still untested)
  • Bugfix for setParamsJoint where the presence of values for the base joint was causing problems


  • Bugfix: kinematic_state was misreporting the joint name for missing states in seenAll
  • added mesh loading capabilities using assimp
  • Adding LinkPadding message as well as vectors of LinkPaddings in services that deal with planning_monitor


  • (This is an API breaking update for compatibility with ROS 1.1) - API changes are for changes in the trajectory filtering api. The FilterJointTrajectoryRequest and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraintsRequest messages have been taken out. Instead, the request is now inside the FilterJointTrajectory and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraints messages themselves.


  • geometric_shapes_msgs, robot_self_filter, geometric_shapes, planning_models moved in here.
  • Added FilterJointTrajectoryRequest and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraintsRequest

  • Added FilterJointTrajectory and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraints services

  • Added joint name to joint limits so they can be passed around individually
  • Added MotionPlanRequest message which is now used in the request for the GetMotionPlan service

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