0.3.1 (01/05/2011)

  • All packages in this stack have moved into motion_planning_common in unstable.


  • new version of motion planning environment from trunk to unstable
  • substantial changes in C++ api

0.2.4 (unstable)

  • Fixes for changes in roslib


  • Fixed bug in planning_monitor where checking the full trajectory for collisions did not return SUCCESS for each trajectory point.

0.2.2 (06/22/2010)

  • Added visibility constraints (still untested)
    • Added evaluators for visibility constraints
  • getExecutionSafety only checks the part of the plan that has not been executed yet
  • Made the constraint evaluator aware that some revolute joints are continuous and not to freak out
  • Updating planning_monitor to actually deal well given that link collisions aren't applied to attached bodies, adding more state displays for planning monitor collisions and state validity queries, and adding a test for checking collisions with attached bodies as well as fixing some bugs in contact labelling the test uncovered
  • Not applying collision operations for link to objects attached to that link by default anymore

0.2.1 (05/15/2010)

  • trajectory checking only checks the joints that are moving
  • Better handling if a collision object is badly formatted or can't be transformed
  • Added a lock free version of isStateValid for ompl to use
  • Adding dynamic padding to relevant service calls as well as functions for setting and reverting paddings. Also adding the ability to visualize paddings in construct_object, and attached_objects will be displayed with the set paddings
  • robot_padd and robot_scale are now parameters in the local namespace
  • Added a test that puts an object into collision with the robot, gets the current robot state from the environment server, calls the service to check the validity of the current state, and checks that the resulting collisions are reported where they should be according to tf
  • Fixing a BIG bug in GetStateValidity where if robot_state positions were set then the check was performed with the robot in an erroneous state

  • state and trajectory validity checks will now return contact information
  • Will now register contact callbacks, so contacts get broadcast


  • removed robot_model tests
  • Moved geometric_shapes_msgs, geometric_shapes, collision_space, collision_map, planning_models out of here
  • ROS API for planning_environment undergoes significant changes according to ROS API review.
  • refresh_interval_*_* change to collision_map_safety_timeout
  • Took out show_collisions - contacts are broadcast by default when computed - topic name should have "contacts" in it
  • Got rid of allow_valid_collisions
  • Updated other refresh_interval_* ROS params to *_safety_timeout - (updated refresh_interval_pose to tf_safety_timeout)
  • SetConstraints will go away because all constraints are now specified in service calls (SetConstraints is now specified as a service only for TESTING/DEBUGGING)

  • GetObjectsInCollisionMap is now GetCollisionObjects

  • Removed extra link_name from AllowedCollisionEntries and removed indices field

  • In MakeStableCollisionMap = removed disregard first message

  • Change check conditions in GetJointTrajectoryValidity, etc. to a set of bools

  • Tagged SetCollisionOperations and RevertCollisionOperationsToDefault as only intended for internal testing/debugging

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