Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Arm Navigation Tutorials.
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Perform Path Planning in Simulation Using Arm Warehouse Viewer

Description: Gives instructions for launching the arm warehouse viewer for the motoman sia10D robot.

Keywords: sia10d, industrial, motoman

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Tutorial based on IROS 2011 arm navigation tutorial. Clarification on the steps within this tutorial can be found there.


This tutorial demonstrates some early capabilities of the ROS-Industrial software. The steps in the tutorial walk you through bringing up and using some simple features of the arm navigation warehouse for an actual robot or a simulated one. The arm warehouse allows you to plan motion in a simulated environment.


It is recommended that you be familiar with the following arm navigation tutorials.

Arm Navigation Warehouse

The arm navigation warehouse is used to demonstrate and test arm motion planning. For a detailed tutorial on the warehouse see this tutorial

  1. Bring up a terminal window
  2. Launch the warehouse viewer for the sia10d Motoman robot: roslaunch sia10d_mesh_arm_navigation planning_scene_warehouse_viewer_sia10d_mesh.launch

  3. The launch file will bring up the nodes and GUI required to run the warehouse viewer. Select the warehouse window (this window may be behind the main rviz window):

    • select_planning_window.png

  4. Accept the default setup of the arm navigation viewer:

    • accept_default_pllanning_config.png

  5. Play around with the arm warehouse. Added virtual collision object in the robot workspace and plan trajectories around them.

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