1. Advanced interfaces for nav_core plugins

    We let the controller plugin inherit from nav_core::BaseLocalPlanner as well as from mbf_costmap_core::CostmapController. This plugin can then be used with Move Base Flex using the advanced interface, and with move_base using the old nav_core interface.

  2. Writing a simple SMACH for Move Base Flex

    In this tutorial you learn how to set up a SMACH to use Move Base Flex for flexible and more specific navigation tasks. Using a SMACH lets you easily include your navigation tasks into your global robot behavior state machine. We will use RViz to receive a goal pose as the first input for the SMACH.

  3. Writing a simple BT for Move Base Flex

    In this tutorial you learn how to set up a very simple behavior tree (BT from now on) using the amazing py_trees_ros library to interact with Move Base Flex. We just replicate the hard-coded move_base FSM (with some limitations), but py_trees_ros lets you easily increase the sophistication of your navigation strategy!.

  4. Writing a SMACH for parallel planning for Move Base Flex

    The goal of this tutorial is to create a SMACH for move base flex to execute two global planners simultaneously.

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