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Package Summary

Some useful nodes for multi-robot teleoperation


This package contains 2 nodes that communicate with the input devices and publishes geometry_msgs/Twist to an arbitrary number of output topics, which allows control over a multiple number of robots.



Reads input data from an external physical joystick device, processes it, and publishes geometry_msgs/Twist with the corresponding output data.

Published Topics

joy_cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)
  • The linear and angular velocity


dev (string, default: "/dev/input/js0")
  • Usb device input port


Subscribes to a number of velocity input topics, and routes one selected input topic data, to the selected output topic. allows dynamic switching between of input/output channels via topics.

Subscribed Topics

*input_topics parameter* (geometry_msgs/Twist)
  • An array of input velocity topics, usually defined in the launch file.
set_input (std_msgs/Int32)
  • Changes the currently active input (ranges from 1 to number of topics).
set_output (std_msgs/Int32)
  • Changes the currently active output (ranges from 1 to number of topics, 0 to disable output).

Published Topics

*input_topics parameter* (geometry_msgs/Twist)
  • An array of output velocity topics, usually defined in the launch file.
current_input (std_msgs/Int32)
  • Publishes the current active input topic at 1Hz.
current_output (std_msgs/Int32)
  • Publishes the current active output topic at 1Hz.


input_topics (dictionary)
  • Description of input topics.
output_topics (list of strings)
  • List of output topic names.

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