Tools for interfacing the MRL Robots with the navigation stack in pre-specified static maps. Robots were extended with Hokuyo URG-04LX LRFs for 2D navigation.

Stingbot with an Hokuyo LRF Traxbot with an Hokuyo LRF


Maps of the MRL Arena and the ISR-floor0 are available in the maps folder of the mrl_robots_2dnav package.

Launch Files


  • stingbot_bringup.launch

    • Start up the stingbot driver, hokuyo_node and the /base_link/laser transform.

  • move_stingbot_arena_mrl.launch

  • move_stingbot_isr_map.launch


  • traxbot_bringup.launch

    • Start up the traxbot driver, hokuyo_node and the /base_link/laser transform.

  • move_traxbot_arena_mrl.launch

  • move_traxbot_isr_map.launch

rviz Snapshots

arena_traxbot_2dnav.png A Traxbot navigating in the MRL Arena as seen in rviz.

stingbot_isr.png A Stingbot navigating in the ISR-floor0 as seen in rviz.

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