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The multi master contains two files to show the sample setup for registering topics at a different ROS master and/or subscribing to topics of the same master.

The config.yaml is of the form:

local_pubs: [local_topics_to_register_at_foreign_master]
foreign_pubs: [foreign_topics_to_register_at_local_master]
local_services: [local_services_to_register_at_foreign_master]
foreign_services: [foreign_services_to_register_at_local_master]

There can be multiple topics separated with ",". If a topic should be in sync, it has to be put in both, local_pubs and foreign_pubs.

The master.launch loads the config.yaml and needs the master argument, which is the hostname or the IP of the foreign master, e.g.:

roslaunch multimaster master.launch master:=remote_host

Note: If the master is not running on the default port that has to be changed in the master.launch

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