The nao_rail stack contains ROS packages and nodes that can be used to communicate with an Aldebaran NAO. These packages are meant to be run remotely and can be used in conjunction with existing NAO stacks and packages to add additional features. Video streaming is made possible by utilizing the nao_vision package. A standalone speech node that allows for the adjustment and utilization of the NAO's speech module is provided in the nao_speech package. These packages have been tested with NAOqi version 1.10.52.



To install the nao_rail stack, simply run the following commands in your shell:

  •    1 cd /path/to/your/ros/stacks
       2 git clone git://github.com/benersuay/nao_rail.git
       3 roscd nao_rail
       4 rosdep install nao_rail
       5 rosmake nao_rail


Each control package contains a .launch file which should be edited with the appropriate ROS parameters (e.g. hostname and port). These launch files launch the necessary nodes for streaming images and control of the NAO's speech module. Additional information on each launch file is given in their respective package wiki pages. Example uses of these packages can be found in the nao_tools package.


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact us at any point with questions and comments.



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