1.9.0 (2012-06-22)

  • Refactored version of the dwa_local_planner and local planner infrastructure in general thanks to Thibault Kruse.
    • Modular c++ design with interfaces for decoupled generic trajectory sample generation, scoring and selection.
      • New interfaces TrajectorySearch, TrajectorySampleGenerator, TrajectoryCostFunction

      • interface implementations SimpleScoredSamplingPlanner, SimpleTrajectoryGenerator, ObstacleCostFunction, MapGridCostFunction, OscillationCostFunction, PreferForwardCostFunction

    • detached class LatchedStopRotateController for stopping and rotating robot once goal has been passed

    • generic local planner parameters for dynamic_reconfigure shareable among local planners
    • helper classes OdometryHelperRos, FootprintHelper and LocalPlannerUtil to reduce duplicate code among different local planners

    • all new classes mentioned above (except SimpleScoredSamplingPlanner) are code from dwa_planner and dwa_planner_ros that was moved into own classes, and then put into the base_local_planner ROS package to share with other local planners. This is not a reimplementation, just code that moved from functions into smaller classes.

  • new dynamic parameter 'use_dwa' so that dwa_planner can generate trajectories like trajectory_planner_ros
  • MapGrid class robust against passing in a global plan where points have larger distance than map resolution

  • Bugfix dynamic_reconfigure redundant parameters being duplicate in dwa_planner and dwa_planner_ros

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