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ROBOTIS e-Manual



Subscribed Topics

robotis/base/send_tra (std_msgs/String)
  • The topic informs the start and end of trajectory following.
robotis/offset_tuner/joint_offset_data (op3_offset_tuner_msgs/JointOffsetData)
  • The topic updates joint offset related parameters.
robotis/offset_tuner/torque_enable (op3_offset_tuner_msgs/JointTorqueOnOffArray)
  • The topic transfers Torque enable/disable command for joints.
robotis/offset_tuner/command (std_msgs/String)
  • The topic transfers command to the op3_offset_tuner_client.
    - "save" : Saves current offset to yaml
    - "ini_pose" : Take the initial posture for offset tuning


robotis/offset_tuner/get_present_joint_offset_data (op3_offset_tuner_msgs/GetPresentJointOffsetData)
  • The service obtains current offset data from the op3_offset_tuner_client.


offset_path (string, default: "")
  • The yaml file path to save offsets.
robot_file_path (string, default: "")
  • This path indicates the location of .robot file that contains robot description data.
init_file_path (string, default: "")
  • This path indicates the location of the file that contains initialization information of each joint.

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