• Fixes 'Invalidated Channels' and management of the topic publishing thread.

  • Fixes bug in ros_generate_rtt_typekit CMake macro introduced in

  • Fixes Lucid regression where typekits were not working.


  • Based on Orocos Toolchain 2.4.0
  • Contains a type system regression on Lucid, don't use this version on Lucid. Works find on Maverick and later.


  • Based on Orocos Toolchain 2.3.2


  • Based on Orocos Toolchain 2.3.1


  • Based on Orocos Toolchain 2.3.0


  • Support for ROS parameters, also works for complex types out of the box.
  • Create single typekit for each message package instead of one typekit per message
  • The OCL/Deployer can be launched using roslaunch
  • An orocreate-pkg script similar like roscreate-pkg to setup a new package including template code for services, plugins and components.
  • Tracking new upstream release Orocos Toolchain 2.2.1


  • Added Maverick support
  • Moved roslib typekit/transport from rtt_ros_integration_std_msgs to rtt_ros_integration


  • Tracking new upstream release Orocos Toolchain 2.1.0

0.1.1 -- 0.1.5

  • Different dummy releases to test out the new release system


  • Initial release

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