Note: This tutorial assumes you are familiar with ROS topics..
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Creating a Stage Simulation

Description: This tutorial will go over the process by which one can simulate a Pioneer robot using the Stage Simulator.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Selecting Your World File

There are currently two world files from which you can choose.

  1. stage-pioneer-3dx-hokuyo.launch
  2. stage-pioneer-3dx-sick.launch

The above launch files will start the stage simulation up with a pioneer to be controlled by the user. Stage will open in a new window with a map of the third floor of Vanderbilt University's Featheringill Hall.

Topic Assignments

The simulator will bring up the robot with similar topics to the real robot.

  • Simulation

    Real Robot







Starting the Simulator

To begin the simulation, use the command below with the correct laser rangefinder specified. We will be using the SICK-LMS200 as an example.

roslaunch p2os_launch stage-pioneer-3dx-sick.launch

Then you should get something like this.

Pioneer-3dx in Stage Simulation

Make it Go

Let's give the robot a command to move backward. The Robot will stop when it hits a wall.

rostopic pub /cmd_vel geometry_msgs/Twist '[-0.5, 0, 0]' '[0, 0, 0]' -r 100

That's it! You've got a simulated Pioneer robot. Next, try to use the code you wrote in the C++ Velocity Controller tutorial to control the simulated robot.

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