DCM Bringup for Pepper robot

The package contains launch and configuration files required to bring the robot's DCM Driver up and start the robot controllers. The package allows to control a robot from ROS, while communicating with Naoqi. You can control the robot either by calling DCM commands or ALMotion (by default).


  • install dependencies

sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-pepper-robot ros-indigo-pepper-meshes


How to use it

Trajectory control

  • start the DCM bringup providing the IP of your robot

roslaunch pepper_dcm_bringup pepper_bringup.launch robot_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>
  • start Naoqi Driver (to get the odom frame) proving your robot's IP

roslaunch naoqi_driver naoqi_driver.launch nao_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>

Control via MoveIt

  • start MoveIt! to control the robot via GUI

roslaunch pepper_moveit_config moveit_planner.launch
  • check "Allow approximate IK solutions"
  • control a planning_group via an interactive marker

Control via Actionlib

  • you can send a trajectory to the desired controller (actionlib)

rosrun actionlib axclient.py <name of the goal topic of the action server>


rosrun actionlib axclient.py /pepper_dcm/LeftArm_controller/follow_joint_trajectory/goal

To choose the controllers you want to load, modify pepper_control/launch/pepper_control_trajectory.launch. The list of implemented controllers, you can find in pepper_control/config/pepper_trajectory_control.yaml. You can start and stop the ros-controllers using the rqt plugin ControllerManager.

Position control

To command joints positions via ROS:

  • start the DCM bringup proving your robot's IP (be aware that the package will stop Autonomous Life on your robot):

roslaunch pepper_dcm_bringup pepper_dcm_bringup_position.launch robot_ip:=<ROBOT_IP>
  • send a position to the desired controller, for example

rostopic pub /pepper_dcm/HeadYaw_position_controller/command std_msgs/Float64 "data: 1"

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