0.3.4 (06/03/2011)

  • Fixed broken tests

0.3.3 (02/03/2011)

  • regenerated stack.xml

0.3.2 (01/27/2011)

  • adding labels for gazebo tests

0.3.1 (01/14/2011)

  • removed planning_models test

0.3.0 (12/27/2010)

  • new release from trunk into unstable

0.2.1 (06/22/2010)

  • Added tests for constrained kinematics
  • Added tests for user-specified constraints through the callback structure
  • Added tests to test plugin architecture
  • Added attached body collision checking test
  • Updated under table pose goal test
  • Added Ubuntu platform tags to manifest
  • moved all move arm test source files here, each test now first calls a static map generation step before running the tests
  • Added test for altering link padding
  • Adding in test for motion planning buffer to floorobj test suite
  • Adding in perception to launch so that environment server comes all the way up and adding test for checking current_state_validity
  • Added collision check ik test
  • Added regression test for collision_free_control

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