1.0.7 (2010-10-07)

  • pr2_ethercat_drivers

    • Support for eeproms with 256byte pages
    • Reduce receive timeout to 1 millisecond
    • Show "Timestamp jumped" warning after jump of 10 seconds instead of 1 second

1.0.6 (2010-06-04)

1.0.5 (2010-05-26)

  • ethercat_hardware

    • Reflect halted ethercat system in the actuator interface. <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg,4342)>>

    • Fix bug preventing manual triggering of motor trace.
    • Detect FPGA local reset.

1.0.4 (2010-04-23)

  • ethercat_hardware

    • Increased motor resistance error limit to 200%
    • Fixed issue where motor trace was being published twice
  • fingertip_pressure

    • The view_fingertip_pressure viewer can now be remapped to show either hand.
    • The view_fingertip_pressure viewer now selects an appropriate version of wxpy.

1.0.3 (2010-02-25)

  • ethercat_hardware:

    • Increased motor model error limits
    • Added motor model warnings at 70% of error limit
    • Traces are published when new max error level above 50% is reached.
    • Fixed bug with non-absolute current value being used for error checking.
    • Fixed bug with motor_model not being initialized to NULL.
    • Changed motor model diagnostics names to be more representative of actual values.
    • Added retry to txandrx_PD. This will stop checksum errors from occurring when a process data packet is dropped.

1.0.2 (2010-02-08)

  • ethercat_hardware:

    • Fixed issue with high frequency control causing "current loop error too large".
    • Changed to variable voltage error limit on motor model.
    • Motor model max error values are cleared after reset.
    • Estimated motor resistance is published.
    • Motor trace is published when motor halts.
    • Checksum on status data is now verified.
    • Extra EtherCAT port diagnostics

1.0.1 (2010-01-21)

  • ethercat_hardware:

    • Fixed bug in copying L0 and L1 information into and out of WG021 info.

1.0.0 (2010-01-19)

  • fingertip_pressure:

    • Updated documentation
    • Cleaned up launch files
  • ethercat_hardware:

    • Updated documentation
    • Added accelerometer diagnostic
    • Loosened current error threshold to eliminate false positives
    • Accelerometer readings are now in m/s^2 instead of g's

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