1.7.4 (2013-03-01)

  • Update for new pluginlib.

1.7.3 (2013-02-03)

  • Merge in patch from Fuerte for controller base class. This allows the controller binaries to be loaded into the new controller manager infrastructure in ros_control.

1.7.2 removed

1.7.1 (2012-11-19)

  • Made pr2_mechanism_msgs a separate package that builds with catkin.

1.7.0 (2012-09-17)

  • Make things work with updates to robot model (include locations for header files)
  • Build fixes for Groovy
  • Added ability to offset wrist joint angle with URDF setting.
  • Switched to fixed sized array for offsets to avoid issues with uninitialized values in test-suites.

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