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This is an existing service, the proposal is to update the service structure to make it cleaner and easier to use. This goes along with several firmware changes to the power board to make this possible.

The existing model used broadcast messages to communicate between the hardware and the power_board node. There where several disadvantages to this method. The biggest problem was increased network noise.

The hardware has changed to support point-to-point using IP addresses. The message is still transported via UDP.

The elimination of broadcast greatly simplifies the code. It also means that a single node will only be talking directly to one power board. Since each node only talks to a single power board the message is no longer requires the serial number. The requirement to specify the serial number always made the interface much more difficult.

Once this change it accepted and replaces the existing message, the rest of the tools will be cleaned up and the serial number selection removed.

Please review pr2_power_board/PowerBoardCommand2.

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