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Package Summary

ROS slide presentation program.

The Basics

This ROS package provides a node that can display PDF slides using Xpdf. It can show and hide a fullscreen presentation window, jump to specific slides or simply go forward and backward.

You can find the newest version at

It's a very simple version at the moment and unsafe! There are no checks whatsoever performed on the files which should be opened. So do not expose this on a network that is not trustworthy, especially remember the security track record of Xpdf.

Patches which add some sort of security precautions are gladly accepted. As are patches which add any other useful kind of presentation media. If you want to work on that, please let me know to avoid double work. Ideas are:

  • Add GStreamer support for video/pictures/sound

  • Use poppler as alternative to Xpdf (unfortunately evince does not provide a DBus API)


Besides ROS C-Turtle (older version might work) you need Xpdf 3.02.


First, you need to run the ROS node by executing bin/presenter. Then presenter can be instructed like this:

Show PDF (opens window, file must exist on machineros presenter is running)

rosservice /presenter/load some_file.pdf

Goto next slide

rosservice /presenter/page/next

Goto previous slide

rosservice /presenter/page/prev

Goto slide N

rosservice /presenter/page/goto N

Hide window

rosservice /presenter/hide

See the README file for the most recent information.

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