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The proximity_sensor_visualize package contains a node that visualizes the proximity sensor in rviz. It shows a circle and a normal as an arrow for each patch. The arrow is blue gets whiter the stronger the value of the patch differs from the init value. After abs(value) >= init + noise_threshold + static_threshold is true, the patch is 100% active and the color of the circle turns from green into red.

To run the visualization you first have to start the driver

roslaunch proximity_sensor_driver proximity_sensor_driver.launch

Then you have to start the tf node for the proximity sensor

roslaunch proximity_sensor_tf tf.launch

Now you are ready to run the visualization with

rosrun proximity_sensor_visualize visualize_patches

For those who do not want to run this manually, the package provides a little launch file that contains all three steps in one. You can run it via

roslaunch proximity_sensor_visualize proximity_sensor_bringup.launch

This is meant to be the standard way of starting the proximity sensor when you have calibrated it correctly

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