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How to Recharge the PS3 Joystick

Description: This tutorial explains how to recharge the PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 or SIXAXIS Joystick. The tutorial includes details on how to simultaneously use the joystick over Bluetooth and recharge it.

Keywords: PS3, battery, recharge, dead, discharged, joystick, six axis, dual shock, SIXAXIS, DUALSHOCK

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Recharging the PS3 Joystick

  1. Locate a computer with a free USB port. This computer will have to be on while the joystick is charging.
  2. Connect the joystick to the computer USB port using an A to mini-B USB cable.


  3. The joystick's LEDs should blink at about 1Hz indicating that the joystick is charging.

Using the Joystick while it is Charging

When the joystick is charging, you cannot pair it over Bluetooth using the pairing button. Using the following procedure, you can nevertheless use the joystick while it is charging:

  1. If the joystick is completely drained, charge it as described above for about 30 seconds. This should give it enough charge to connect over Bluetooth.
  2. Disconnect the joystick from USB and pair it in the usual way.

  3. Once the joystick is paired, reconnect it to the USB port. It will continue to be connected over Bluetooth, but will still be charging over USB.

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