Action Interface

The ptp_arm_action node takes a geometry_msgs/PoseStamped from the LinearMovementAction and instructs to robot to move its gripper to that new location.

Subscribed Topics

left_ptp, right_ptp (depends on which arm is being used) (ptp_arm_actions/LinearMovementActionGoal)
  • Goal for point-to-point movement action.
left_ptp, right_ptp (depends on which arm is being used) (ptp_arm_actions/LinearMovementActionFeedback) left_ptp, right_ptp (depends on which arm is being used) (ptp_arm_actions/LinearMovementActionGoal)


translation_tolerance (float)
  • Tolerance for translation around goal point.
rotation_tolerance (float)
  • Tolerance for rotation around goal point.
stall_time (float)
  • Amount of time allowed for the arm to not make any progress towards goal.
timeout (float)
  • How long before we should be aborting this motion.

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