Deprecated You may want to check out the more up-to-date flir_ptu_driver


Runs the Directed Perception PTU46

Subscribed Topics

~cmd (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • Desired position

Published Topics

~state (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • Current pan/tilt position


~hz (Integer, default: 10)
  • Polling frequency
~port (String, default: /dev/ttyUSB1)
  • Filename for connection
~baud (Integer, default: 9600)
  • Baud Rate

Parameters Set

~min_tilt, ~max_tilt, ~min_pan, ~max_pan (Float)
  • Position limits in Radians
~min_tilt_speed, ~max_tilt_speed, ~min_pan_speed, ~max_pan_speed (Float)
  • Speed limits in Radians/second
~tilt_step, ~pan_step (Float)
  • Smallest possible movement

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