Qualification Component Configuration

After passing qualification, components are configured as a right side component (or front-left for casters). After qualification, users can choose to configure components to the another part of the robot, to install parts on, say, the left side of a robot. To reconfigure components, technicians scan the components into the system, and are given a choice of how they want to reconfigure them. A note is added to the inventory system for every successful reconfiguration.

Writing Component Configuration Scripts

To write a configuration script, make a file in the qualification/configs folder (ex: my_conf.launch). The head_conf.launch file:

  <include file="$(find qualification)/tests/init.machine" />
  <!-- Configure MCBs -->
  <node machine="test_host" pkg="qualification" type="mcb_prog_conf.py" args="-n 2 -c --motor=head_pan_motor,0 --motor=head_tilt_motor,1" />

  <!-- Confirm configuation -->
  <node pkg="qualification" type="confirm_conf.py" output="screen"/>
  • "mcb_prog_conf.py" counts to make sure the device has the correct number of motor boards
  • "confirm_conf.py" verifies the configuration status and prompts the user to retry if necessary.

Both nodes must run for configuration to work.

Motor names as Args

Add the motor names and numbers to the args of configure_mcbs.py. They must be added in the form


Replacing NAME and NUM with the motor name and number. The motors should be of the names listed in the actuators.conf file.

Adding Configuration Script to System

To add a component configuration launch file to the qualification system, edit the qualification/config/configs.xml file.

<config serial="1234567"
             file="my_conf.launch" descrip="My Configuration" />

The description field is important, the qualification system will store that description in the inventory system logging the reconfiguration.

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