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rail_gazebo: rail_models | rail_worlds

Package Summary

Gazebo models and world files created by the RAIL team at WPI.


The rail_gazebo stack contains a set of furniture, objects, and gazebo worlds developed by the Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning research group at WPI. The worlds and objects were developed with the Kuka youBot and PR2 robots in mind, but can be used with other types of robots as well.



To install the rail_gazebo stack, you can choose to either install from source, or from the Ubuntu package:


To install from source, execute the following:

  •    1 cd /path/to/your/ros/stacks
       2 git clone
       3 roscd rail_gazebo
       4 rosdep install rail_gazebo
       5 rosmake rail_gazebo

Ubuntu Package

To install the Ubuntu package, execute the following:

  • sudo apt-get install ros-fuerte-rail-gazebo


Additional information on each launch file is given in their respective package wiki pages.


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact me at any point with questions and comments.



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