0.6.6 (2010-01-07 )

  • urdf

    • fix to make rising and falling fields in calibration element optional

0.6.5 (2010-01-06 )

  • Remove use of deprecated rosbuild macros
  • robot_state_publisher

    • allow empty joint state vector for publishing of tree with all fixed joints
  • urdf

    • Add optional rising and falling attributes to the calibration element inside a joint element
  • kdl_parser

    • fix in using namespace

0.6.4 (2009-11-26)

  • urdf

    • add visualizer tool for urdf tree
    • root link is always optional, not only when it is called "world"
    • fix bug where sphere init always fails
  • robot_state_publisher

    • Also publish the transform from the root link to its children
    • Only warn once when the tree that is provided contains fewer than two segments.
  • kdl_parser

    • add check_kdl_parser tool to verify parsing of urdf file
  • convex_decomposition:

    • add unzip as dependency

0.6.3 (2009-11-19)

  • kdl_parser

    • Fix bug where kdl parser was not using inertia from urdf
    • Add regression test for inertia parsing
  • urdf

    • Make all "get" methods const
    • Give better error message when no links were found
    • Generate parse error when visual, collision or inertial is specified but fails to parse

0.6.2 (2009-11-01)

  • robot_state_publisher:

    • Set buffer size for joint state to 1. The joint state listener should not keep a buffer.

0.6.1 (2009-10-26)

  • robot_state_publisher:

    • remove use of deprecated "~" in parameter names.
    • add include of <cstdio> for g++ 4.4 compatibility

    • Fix warnings in regression tests
    • Increase buffer size for joint state from 1 to 500
    • Deal with an incomplete joint state by trimming corresponding tree branches
  • resource_retriever:

    • add include of <stdint.h> for g++ 4.4 compatibility

  • urdf:

    • fix bugs in optional/required checks of fields
    • fail parsing if optional field has invalid syntax

0.6.0 (2009-10-07)

  • REMOVE deprecated functionality form urdf:

    • parent_link shared pointer of link is removed
    • dom_parser is removed
    • treeFromRobotModel is removed
  • resource_retriever got new tutorials.

  • The robot model stack is documentation-reviewed

0.5.0 (2009)

  • REMOVE deprecated functionality form Kdl parser:

    • xml_parser is removed
  • DEPRECATE in urdf:

    • link_parent member variable in Link class is deprecated and replaced by the getParent() method. Once the link_parent member variable is completely removed (in the next release) the memory leak <<Ticket(ros-pkg 2680)>> will be fixed.

0.4.0 (2009)

  • DEPRECATE in kdl_parser:

    • treeFromRobotModel is deprecated and replaced by treeFromUrdf
    • dom_parser.h is deprecated (now just points to kdl_parser.h)
  • urdf

    • Updated XML format documentation
    • New beginner tutorials to create and parse urdf files
    • Add command line tool to verify urdf file
  • API and Doc review: all packages in the robot model stack have been through our API and Doc review process.

0.3.0 (2009)

  • DEPRECATE in kdl_parser:

    • xml_parser class is completely deprecated
  • Update package documentation for convex_decomposition and ivcon
  • Update api documentation of robot_state_publisher and kdl_parser

0.2.0 (2009)

  • The robot state publisher now publishes tf message on the /tf topic instead of the /tf_message topic

0.1.0 (2009)

  • New urdf package
    • Urdf xml robot description format updated
    • New xml parser and robot model
  • New resource retriever package
  • Make kdl parser work with new urdf robot description format, and deprecate old kel parser.
  • Move packages from mechanism stack to robot model stack
    • kdl parser
    • robot state publisher
    • ivcon
    • convex dec

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