Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Create a Robot App.
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Create an Android App

Description: How to create an android app for robot-android pairing.

Keywords: pairing, android, app

Tutorial Level: ADVANCED


This tutorial goes through the steps needed to build an android app for robot-android pairing. If you're not using an existing robot app to pair with, make sure you've read through the previous tutorial - Create a Robot App.


There are two ways to get and install the sources depending on whether you want to work in a fused ros-studio environment with all the sources, or you just want to create a new app on its own.

Ros Environment

This lets you download all the source stacks together and manage the compile easily with catkin.

Note that you can still import the stacks individually into Android Studio once you've done this initial build.

Android Studio Environment

With this method, you'll just create a new project in android studio and promptly start coding. All dependencies come from our maven repository and no ros environment is needed.

Code Structure

The android app must be a derivative of the RosAppActivity. For a very simple example to get you started, refer to the sources for Listener. This pairs with the rocon app Talker.

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