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Standalone App Manager

Description: Launching and running a standalone app manager with no connections to the outside world.

Keywords: appmanager rocon

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Next Tutorial: Pairing Mode


This tutorial shows how to setup and run the rocon app manager in standalone mode. That is, no interaction with an android or multimaster concert. This is still useful in terms of having a useful structure on the robot that is able to install, upgrade and launch the robot in a useful way that makes maintenance and retasking simple.


Follow the instructions for installation of the rocon stacks.


> roslaunch rocon_app_manager standalone.launch --screen

To retrieve what apps are runnable (pre-installed in this case):

> rosservice call /app_manager/list_apps | grep -v data
    name: rocon_apps/listener
    display: Listener
    description: Default ros style listener tutorial
    platform: linux.ros.*
    status: Ready
    name: rocon_apps/chirp
    display: Chirp
    description: Make an audible "chirp" sound.
    platform: linux.ros.*
    status: Ready
    name: rocon_apps/talker
    display: Talker
    description: Default ros style talker tutorial
    platform: linux.ros.*
    status: Ready

Starting a rapp (robot application):

> rosservice call /app_manager/start_app rocon_apps/talker []
> rostopic list

The standalone app manager will always start application connections underneath the application namespace. Now the second argument in the start app call is for remapping the connections. By default, the talker app is, of course at chatter, but supposing we wish to start it at babble:

> rosservice call /app_manager/start_app rocon_apps/talker ['{remap_from: chatter, remap_to: babble }']

Stopping a rapp (currently needs the resource name, may drop this):

> rosservice call /app_manager/stop_app "{}"

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