API review

Proposer: Jack O'Quin

Present at review:

  • Daniel Stonier
  • Piyush Khandelwal
  • Jihoon Lee

Proposed new scheduler package

This is a first draft API for a simple_scheduler package for the rocon_concert metapackage.


  • This API will support multiple implementations so we can conveniently compare different scheduling algorithms.
  • It provides an interface for ROCON services to request resources, like robots, devices or strictly software processes for their own private use.
  • It provides an interface where ROCON services can request and make use of a resource that is shared across services.
  • Resources previously allocated to a ROCON service may sometimes need to be taken away and given to other higher-priority services.



  • The scheduler runs as a ROS node on the same master as the ROCON conductor, the ROCON services and other solution components.
  • The ROCON conductor provides the scheduler with up to date information about robot availability.


  • The scheduler provides a collection of ROS topics for requesting resources:
    • If the required resources are not immediately available the request will be queued, and may not complete for quite a long time.
    • The requesting node will be notified when it is waiting via a feedback topic.
    • The requesting service may cancel its queued request, if it no longer wishes to wait.
    • A request can be made for a single resource, or a batched set of resources.


  • The scheduler and the ROCON services cooperate in an effort to handle resources sensibly.
    • When a resource needs to be pre-empted, the scheduler requests the original owner to release it cleanly.
    • If the owner does not or cannot comply within a reasonable time, the scheduler asks the conductor to terminate those connections.
    • The basis for pre-emption decision making is via judicious use of (dynamically adjustable) priorities flagged in each request.


  • The resources being allocated are relatively substantial.
    • They may remain in use for a long time.
    • Frequent allocation and deallocation are not the normal usage.
  • The resources being allocated are unreliable and inconstant.
    • They may leave the concert of their own volition (clean exit).
    • They may be out of wireless range, but still officially connected.
    • They may be still registered, but not contactable (e.g. system crashed, battery out) - symptom same as for being out of wireless range.
  • They can represent software nodes which consume computational units
  • They may make themselves available for a single service, or optionally can be shared over multiple requests (e.g. map database, camera, or software algorithm node).

Experimental sources and documentation:

Meeting Notes:

Discussion Threads

Flag items that are still pending with a /!\.

  • Interface Mechanisms - mix of pubs/sub topics

  • Priorities - most scheduling algorithms have a concept of priorities

    • Responsibility of the service requester to set priorities.
  • Requests - shaping what a request should look like.

    • The resource is a rocon resource identifier for a rapp.
    • Handle requests for batched resources by specifying a resource list.
    • Priority flags as a signed int16 to provide flexibility.
    • Platform info used as a hint/filter for a resource to the scheduler.
    • Remappings must be included for a resource to start apps.
  • Starting Rapps - whose responsibility is it to start rapps?

    • The scheduler will start and stop rapps, keeping track of where they are assigned.
  • Package Name - what should this component be called?

    • rocon_scheduler_requests

Moved to future concerns:

  • Software Resources - software applications and robots with equal citizenship status as schedulable resources.

    • Don't worry for now, start inside private software services and tackle this problem later when we try building a concert farm for managing software nodes.
  • Sharing Resources - sharing a resource across multiple concert services.

    • Workaround in rapps for now, but add this responsibility to the scheduler, need time to design properly though.
  • Release Plan - when and where should we release?

    • Igloo (~Apr '14)
  • Optional Requests - optional resource flagging in a batched resource request.

    • Do with requests for batched resources, but
    • Pending a later iteration (Jan+).
  • Future Reservations - reserving resources for use 2hrs from now.

    • Esoteric case, leave for future development.

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