Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Rocon Launch for Single Masters.
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Rocon Launch for Multiple Masters

Description: Spawn multiple roslaunch terminals over multiple ros masters.

Keywords: rocon_launch roslaunch multimaster

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


This tutorial shows how to use the rocon_launch tool to spawn multiple terminals, each with it's own embedded roslaunched instance possibly connected to multiple ros masters.

On it's own this is not so useful, but when using either the gateway model, or the full concert framework, this saves alot of tedium starting and debugging across multiple masters.



The format for the rocon launcher is exactly the same as that introduced in the single master tutorial with the exception that the port attribute for each launch tag can be specified separately. An example launcher - save this as multimaster.concert:

   1  <concert>
   2   <launch title="babbler:11311" package="rocon_launch" name="talker.xml" port="11311">
   3     <arg name="topic_name" value="babbler"/>
   4   </launch>
   5   <launch title="chatter:11312" package="rocon_launch" name="talker.xml" port="11312">
   6     <arg name="topic_name" value="chatter"/>
   7   </launch>
   8 </concert>


> rocon_launch multimaster.concert --screen

Note that this demo as it is, is ultimately not that useful. It simply spawns two talkers in separate ros masters that have no connection to each other. You'll need something like the rocon gateways to really do something.

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