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Add Your Robot Type

Description: how to add your own robot type in rocon_uri rule.

Keywords: rocon concert solution

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Make Your Robot Type Official


Rocon URI is rocon-wide unique identifier to define hardware/software specification of physical resources like robot and compatibility of rapps. This tutorial describes how to add a new robot type into rocon_uri rule set.


Rule.yaml defines ebnf rules to parse rocon uri strings. In order to use a new type of robot or device in rocon, it needs to be listed in rules.yaml.

Current rules

Note that rules.yaml is located in rocon_uri python module. The deb version is located in /opt/ros/indigo/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rocon_uri/rules and the source version is located in rocon_uri/src/rocon_uri/rules.

Add a new type

1. Clone rocon_tools repo in your workspace

  > git clone https://github.com/robotics-in-concert/rocon_tools
  > catkin_make

2. Edit rules.yaml based on its specification

  > rosed rocon_uri rules.yaml


The available ebnf rules can be found withe the following command. If the newly added type should be shown, it is successfully added.

 > rocon_uri rules

What's Next?

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