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Rocon Launch

Description: Script for launching multiple ros systems on one pc, very useful for debugging the concerts.

Keywords: rocon launcher

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


To properly debug the gateway model or the concert it gets tedious starting multiple shells, setting the port number for each master and individually launching each bringup launch script.

This tool does that job for you in the same style as roslaunch.


It has a very similar feel to a regular roslaunch file and should be self-explanatory. A simple example from [turtle_concert]:

   1 <concert>
   2   <launch package="turtle_concert" name="concert.launch" port="11311"/>
   3   <launch package="turtle_concert" name="kobuki.launch" port="11312"/>
   4   <launch package="turtle_concert" name="guimul.launch" port="11313"/>
   5   <launch package="turtle_concert" name="turtlesim.launch" port="11314"/>
   6 </concert>


It uses the familiar roslaunch <pkg_name> <launch file name> arguments, except that the .launch file is replaced with a .concert file of the format specified above.

> rocon_launch turtle_concert turtle.concert


The script launches a terminal for each launch in the rocon launch xml file. The type of terminal is autodetected, but can be forced to gnome-terminal or konsole with the --gnome or --konsole options.

Tab Completion

Multiple launchers may use the same port. If the file suffix is .concert, then tab completion will also work just like roslaunch.

Screen Verbosity

The tool also accepts the --screen argument and behaves the same way as the option for roslaunch.

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