Startup launch files for Romeo robot.


romeo_bringup contains launch and configuration files required to bring ROS interfaces for Romeo up into a running state. The launch files are used to start all basic actuators and sensor publishers in their robot specific configurations.


Install packages

sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-romeo-robot ros-indigo-naoqi-driver

Bring up Romeo

You can start Romeo either with a C++ or Python version. Thus, the romeo_bringup package contains two launch files.

For starting the C++ version:

roslaunch romeo_bringup romeo_full.launch nao_ip:=<robot_ip> roscore_ip:=<roscore_ip> [network_interface:=<eth0|wlan0|vpn0>]

Similar, the Python version:

roslaunch romeo_bringup romeo_full_py.launch nao_ip:=<robot_ip> roscore_ip:=<roscore_ip>

As shown above, the launch files contain 3 parameters

  1. nao_ip : This is necessary for telling which robot to connect to.
  2. roscore_ip : Since there is no roscore running on the robot, we have to tell it the IP of the roscore to use.
  3. network_interface : By default, we assume that your computer is connected via eth0. When you are connected via WLAN or VPN, name the correct network interface here (eth1, wlan0, vpn0 etc). This is only available in the C++ version

See the naoqi_driver and naoqi_driver_py for further details.

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