ros-arnl provides a ROS node that incorporates Adept MobileRobots' ARNL localization and autonomous navigation system for Adept Mobile Robots platforms, providing a basic ROS interface to ARNL.

ARNL is an optional package that may be purchased from Adept MobileRobots with a laser rangefinder and robot. (It is, however, included standard with the Pioneer LX robot.) See for details.

ros-arnl connects directly to the robot and laser rangefinder (via ARNL and ARIA libraries internally). It does not connect via any other nodes, and so other nodes to be running to communicate with the mobile robot or laser.

ros-arnl can be obtained by cloning the repository at

You must have previously installed the ARNL libraries (Arnl and ArnlBase) before building ros-arnl.

For instructions on building and notes on its API see the README file provided with ros-arnl. ros-arnl has a similar interface to the standard ROS navigation stack, but does not yet have all of the same features. It has a few topics relevant to ARNL only as well.

ros-arnl is still under development, if you have any feedback, please share via

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