This stack contains the ros-dds proxies implementation. It uses the OpenSplice DDS v6.2.0. Any other DDS implementations can use the IDL definitions in the corresponding package for generating the necessary code.

More scientific documentation can be find in the following publications:

  • Eich, M., Hartanto, R., Kasperski, S., Natarajan, S. and Wollenberg, J. (2014), Towards Coordinated Multirobot Missions for Lunar Sample Collection in an Unknown Environment. J. Field Robotics, 31: 35–74. doi: 10.1002/rob.21491

  • Ronny Hartanto and Markus Eich. Reliable, Cloud-based Communication for Multi-Robot Systems (to appear). In Technologies for Practical Robot Applications (TePRA), 2014 IEEE International Conference on, April 2014.

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