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Enabling ROS Epic Fail for a Package

Description: Enable ROS epic fail for a package

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


  1. Overview


In order to run the ros_epic_fail keeper after running the test, you must modify your package's CMakeLists.txt file. If you don't, the keeper won't save bag files, and you won't have a store of bag files.

First, you must include the ros_epic_fail Cmake commands. This is done with by adding:


You must add these commands before any calls to add rostests.

For each label of tests that are created with rosbuild_add_rostest_labeled, you must add:


where label is the label of the test you are using, for example "gazebo". You must add this command before any calls to add rostests.

Finally if you have any unlabeled epic fail tests, you must add:


You must add this command before any calls to add rostests.

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