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Arm Planning Example

Description: Shows how to make the arm wave.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


(This example was presented in a Google I/O talk by Ken Conley and Brian Gerkey.)

Start the Cartesian controller for the right arm (use the launch file in pr2_simulator/Tutorials/Teleop PR2 arm in simulation)

Create a file, for example, wave.py, and paste the following code into it:

   1 import math, time
   3 # create pose message: 0.5 meters in front of right shoulder
   4 p = PoseStamped(frame_id='r_torso_lift_side_plate_link')
   5 p.pose.orientation.y = -math.sqrt(2)/2.0
   6 p.pose.orientation.w = math.sqrt(2)/2.0
   7 p.pose.position.x = 0.5
   9 # publish loop
  10 r = Rate(10)
  11 while ok():
  12         p.pose.position.y = math.sin(1.5*time.time())*0.3
  13         topics.r_cart.command_pose(p)
  14         r.sleep()

Run this from the command line as follows:

rosrun rosh rosh wave.py

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