The todo list for ROSH is still too volatile (and long) to put down in tickets. There's a lot of ideas, and part of the rosh experiment is figuring out which are the useful ones.

Helper functions


  • topics
  • bags
  • bagy record


  • visibility of latching and ctx variables
  • subscribe -> user-facing (and with and w/o context)

  • msg and srv should be accessible even if master is offline
  • can't use rosservice because it doesn't take in master handle


  • package.nodes

  • transforms
  • Point, Pose, Quaternion, etc... wrappers



  • For 1.4:
    • launch roslaunch files
  • For later:
    • props() interface

    • hz() function, e.g. hz(, 2.)

    • nav_msgs/OccGrid and others as plugin
    • drop (topic tools)


  • transforms as Poses
  • fine-tune actions
  • pose -> visualization marker

  • smach introspection API

Longer term

  • Fuller roscd tab complete.

  • Node interfaces: load up a stub node from an interface (e.g. camera)
  • remote launching: load a machines file, then launch nodes on named machines (including topic_tools)
  • Figure out a simpler solution to boxing/unboxing problem, e.g. calling actions that require a message container.
  • resurrect:
    • def mutate(msg):
        msg2 = String('Yo '
        return msg2
      pipe(topics.chatter, topics.yo, mutate)

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