Getting Started

  1. Installation

    Installation instructions from debs, sources, or maven.

  2. Creating Rosjava Packages

    Script wizards for conveniently creating rosjava packages and projects.

  3. Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (Java)

    How to create, compile, and execute a simple publisher and subscriber in rosjava.

  4. Building RosJava Libraries

    How to create, compile and deploy rosjava libraries (maven artifacts).

  5. Unofficial Messages

    Generating java artifacts for your own, unreleased message packages.

  6. To Build with Catkin or Gradle

    Explains when to use catkin_make and when to use the gradle wrapper.

Sharing Packages

  1. Rolling RosJava Debs

    Packaging your java (possibly mixed) projects as debs.

  2. Uploading to Maven on Github

    Share java and android artifacts via our github maven repo.

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