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Description: Installation instructions from debs, sources, or maven.

Keywords: rosjava installation

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Installation Methods

There are three different ways to install rosjava. All three give you access to a maven repository of rosjava artifacts (jars), but each differs by where and how those repositories are accessed. In addition, the ros source and deb installations give you the full ros package environment which allows you to utilise ros-specific files in your package (e.g. launchers).

  • Source Installation - a mostly self-contained source installation of core components and messages for a working catkin-rosjava development environment.

  • Deb Installation - install rosjava debs and overlay your rosjava/android source workspace on top of these.

  • No Ros Installation - use the rosjava/message libraries in your own development environment via maven (no catkin-ros necessary!).

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