0.3.1 (Upcoming)

  • Bugfix #3710
  • Fixed roslisp_repl:

    • Always copy .swank.lisp.

    • Changed emacs config to use whitespaces instead of tabs for indentation.
  • Upgraded to most recent version of slime (2012/07/04).


  • Updated SBCL to version 1.0.50
  • Added new package roslisp_repl that downloads slime and provides a script to execute a clean emacs slime environment.

  • Added new package roslisp_testing that provides support for rostest launching of tests written in LISP with gtest compatible test output. It also contains a wrapper for the sbcl provided minimal testing framework rt. Extended rt with suites and fixtures.

  • Rewrote test_roslisp integration-tests of roslisp using lisp and roslisp_testing instead of c++.

  • Added several unit tests for in test_roslisp

  • Added run-roslisp-script.sh in roslisp_runtime to allow easy creation of roslisp scripts.


  • Fix: add stack dependency on ros_comm


  • Released with new packaging infrastructure
  • roslisp_tutorials is now part of roslisp_support


  • Reverted the change in 0.2.8 pending the next ros release.


  • Removed dummy node from roslisp_runtime to test the parallel builds fix in r10374 of ros.


  • sbcl makefile works under MacOS X now, too. Added special handling for calling md5sum.
  • Added a dummy node to roslisp_runtime, as a further workaround to the parallel compilation issue.


  • Disabled parallel builds in test_roslisp, as a temporary workaround for sbcl's failure to lock correctly.


  • Disabled sb-posix test. It fails on the robot.
  • Added roslisp_ignore marker file generation to sbcl Makefile. Needed for correct behavior when using precompiled binaries.


  • Patch release: removed self-tests for contribs/sb-concurrency.


  • Updated SBCL to version 1.0.38



Patch release to remove sbcl build assumption that /usr/bin/time exists


  • Switch sbcl to being a 3rd party rather than system dependency
  • Move test_roslisp into this stack


Initial release

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