This page documents additional XML tags and attributes supported by rosmon. For the base launch file XML definition, see roslaunch/XML.

Root attributes

rosmon supports additional attributes on the root <launch> tag:

  • rosmon-name

    • Sets the ROS name of the rosmon instance to a fixed string, instead of an anonymous name.
  • rosmon-window-title

    • rosmon will try to set the "title" of the terminal window to this value. In Konsole and tmux, this sets the tab title.

  • rosmon-disable-ui

    • Same effect as the --disable-ui CLI flag: Disables all interactive elements of the UI.

Node attributes

Additional attributes on <node> tags (these can also be specified on <launch>, <include>, <group> and then apply as defaults to all nodes contained within):

  • enable-coredumps

    • Set this to false to disable coredumps for this node. This may be necessary if the process uses large amounts of virtual memory (e.g. CUDA software), which takes a long time to dump to disk.

  • rosmon-cpu-limit

    • If the node process consumes more CPU than this limit, rosmon will send out diagnostic messages. This is specified as ratio relative to one core, i.e. 1.5 means usage of one-and-a-half CPU cores. The default is 0.9.
  • rosmon-memory-limit

    • If the node process consumes more memory than this limit (specified in bytes), it will send out diagnostic messages. The default is 500 MB.
  • rosmon-stop-timeout

    • rosmon will wait this amount of seconds before finally killing the process. If this is not set, rosmon will use the value of the command line argument --stop-timeout=N or the default value of five seconds.

  • rosmon-restart-warn-threshold

    • When respawn="true", rosmon will automatically restart a node that exited. By default, it will generate a diagnostic message at this point. This attribute allows to configure a number of respawns that are expected. If rosmon-restart-warn-threshold < 0, all restarts are done silently without diagnostic messages.

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