rosprofiler package

The rosprofiler package provides tools for collecting and publishing information and statistics about node processes and the hosts they are running on, as well as information about system connectivity. These tools are designed to work together with topic statstics tools released in ROS Indigo to give a complete picture of the ROS system that is published over ros topics. Other ROS nodes can then subscribe to this information, or it can be recorded using rosbag and played back later for analysis.

The rosprofiler package is commonly used with rqt_graphprofiler.

rosprofiler node

The rosprofiler node publishes statistics about the host machine and corresponding node processes on which it is run. In a distributed system where nodes are running on multiple host machines, rosprofiler should be run once on each machine.

Running rosprofiler

Before running rosprofiler, topic statistics must be enabled. To collect statistics about all topics, this should be done before running any other nodes.

rosparam set enable_statistics true

Once enabled, rosprofiler can be started using

rosrun rosprofiler rosprofiler

Published Topics

/host_statistics (ros_statistics_msgs/HostStatistics)

  • Host machine information and resource statistics
/node_statistics (ros_statistics_msgs/NodeStatistics)
  • Process information and statistics for each node running on the host

rosgrapher node

The rosgrapher node publishes information about the ROS System State queried from the ROS Master and individual nodes. Unlike the rosprofiler node, the rosgrapher tries to collect information about all the nodes and topics in the system. Therefore, it is only necessary to run the rosgrapher once even if there are nodes on multiple host machines.

Running rosgrapher

rosrun rosprofiler rosgrapher

Published Topics

/topology (ros_topology_msgs/Graph)

  • Information about node and topic connectivity

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