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Installing rosserial_embeddedlinux

Description: This tutorial shows how to set up the ROS environment, and gives some hints to consider when setting up your embedded linux development environment.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Installation, Build and Development Overview

The list below is a summary of the steps you'll take to set up the build environment for your embedded linux system.

  1. Install the rosserial stack on your ros workstation (the Ubuntu system where you build and run ROS software).
  2. Build the rosserial_embeddedlinux package. This creates the libraries and examples directories.
  3. Copy the libraries and examples directories to your embedded linux development environment (which may be on your ros workstation or elsewhere: e.g. a Windows PC).
  4. Configure your embedded linux development environment by adding the libraries/ros_lib directory to the #include search path
  5. Build an embedded linux application that uses ros interfaces (usually with a cross-compiler - see your development environment documentation)
  6. Download the application to the target embedded linux system and test/debug.

Follow the specific installation instructions and tutorial build instructions for your particular embedded linux system below if provided. If your system is not listed, follow the instructions for the Generic Embedded Linux System, and please consider enhancing this documentation by writing a step-by-step instruction for your system.

Using the Library in Embedded Linux ROS Nodes

Our ROS bindings are implemented as a set of files #included by your program when you #include <ros.h>. Your program becomes a ROS node when it runs.

In order to use the rosserial library in your own code, you must first put

#include <ros.h>

prior to including any other header files, e.g.

#include <std_msgs/String.h>

otherwise the compiler may not be able to locate them.

Now build and run the Hello Ros (example publisher) tutorial

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