Note: This tutorial assumes that you are comfortable with rosserial_arduino.
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Description: controlling an a small robot base with rosserial_xbee

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

There a lot of times when as a roboticist, we just want to make a little robot drive around. If you are not using a robotics framework like ROS, you need to write the teleoperation code for keyboards and joysticks yourself, you need to set up the wireless communication, and you need to define the protocol that you are using to communicate with the robot. By using ROS with even your smallest robot creation, you can leverage the ROS infrastructure. In this tutorial we are going to cover controlling the most bare bones robot base possible. It will be based off of rosserial_arduino, rosserial_xbee, and the turtlebot teleop programs.

In the end, you will can have a little robot like the one below, that you can control via ROS.



You need motors, wheels, an arduino, Xbees, a motor controller, and a chassis.

Arduino Code

Launch Files

Running the programs

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