This package adapts the Leuze rotoScan series of laser range finders. Therefore it behaves like any other ROS laser range finder driver and publishes a sensor_msgs/LaserScan on the "scan" topic whenever a new scan comes in.

Configuration of the laser range finder is not supported and requires a vendor-provided tool.

Formerly named rod4_node.

Supported Hardware

The driver currently supports following connection types and has been confirmed to work with following models:

  • Ethernet:
  • Serial port:

... but might be extended to support more interfaces or models.

Node configuration

~frame_id(string, default: "laser")
Transform frame id to be used in the message header.
~range_max(float, default: 40.)

range_max to be used in message body. Differs among models.

Ethernet specific

The underlying network protocol implementation has been stable for more than a year now. All testing has been done with a "ROD4 plus" unit.

~host(string, default: "")
Hostname/IP address of the laser range finder.
~port(string, default: "9008")
Port of of the laser range finder.

Serial port specific

~device(string, default: "/dev/ttyUSB0")
Serial port device where the rotoScan is connected to.
~baudrate(int, default: 57600)
Serial baudrate configured in rotoScan.

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