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Package Summary

Filter velocity commands by ensuring that message time stamps do not exceed given timeout thresholds.


rr_control_input_manager serves two nodes. The first is to map xbox-360-controller inputs to robot commands. The second is to ingest TwistStamped messages and checks that the time stamp is not expired, and if the message stamp is expired discard the message.

Xbox 360 Controller Button Mapping




This package manages different control inputs from local, remote sources. It manages which input has priority, and solves the issue of multiple sources published to cmd_vel at the same time.

Subscribed Topics

/cmd_vel/joy (geometry_msgs/TwistStamped)
  • input from a controller that is directly connected to the robot. We recommend using a wireless xbox 360 controller and a dongle. We also recommend using xboxdrv instead of xpad as the driver.
/cmd_vel/autodock (geometry_msgs/TwistStamped)
  • input from the rr_autodocking package
/cmd_vel/move_base (geometry_msgs/Twist)
  • input from ROS move_base
/joystick (sensor_msgs/Joy)

Published Topics

/cmd_vel/joystick (geometry_msgs/TwistStamped)
  • A cmd_vel topic reserved for joystick input
/a_button (std_msgs/Bool)
  • True is published to this topic once when the a_button is pressed
/b_button (std_msgs/Bool)
  • True is published to this topic once when the b_button is pressed
/x_button (std_msgs/Bool)
  • True is published to this topic once when the x_button is pressed
/y_button (std_msgs/Bool)
  • True is published to this topic once when the y_button is pressed
/joystick/delay (std_msgs/Float32)
  • Joystick delay


~max_vel_fwd (float, default: 2.6)
  • Max forward velocity in m/s
~max_vel_turn (float, default: 9.0)
  • Max desired turning speed in rad/s
~max_vel_flipper (float, default: 1.4)
  • Max desired speed of flipper motor in rad/s
~default_drive_throttle (integer, default: 0.15)
  • The value the throttle starts at. If max_drive_speed is set to 2.6m/s and default_drive_throttle is set 0.15, then the robot will start off going 0.39m/s
~default_flipper_throttle (integer, default: 0.6)
  • The value the flipper throttle starts at.
~adjustable_throttle (bool, default: true)
  • If set to true, the dpad will change the speed of the robot


This node inputs joystick commands from an Xbox 360 controller and outputs /cmd_vel/joystick

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